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Bone china glaze

Bone china glaze series introduction


Type Item No Tempreture COE Application
Fine China DP-1 1120-1140℃ 152

The operation steps as follows
1.Add more than 30% water into the glaze lump, mix completely and leave for over 2hours.
2.Loading the glaze into mill machine grind 2 hours.
3.removing iron and filtration , sieving through 200 mesh.
4.adjust density to 60-65 degree.
5. keep the high gap at the 1-1.5 meters from the glaze tub to spray gun.
6.install a pressure regulator in front of spray gun, and adjust the pressure at the 0.8-1.2mm.
7.after glaze firing temperature reach to setting degree. Keep heat on 20-25 minutes.
8.after heat preservation open the kiln door by a third.
9.quickly cool itself. The glaze will achieve to good effect.

New bone BO-3 1120-1140℃ 208
Old China DP-1 1120-1140℃ 152
BO-3 1120-1140℃ 208


Bone china glaze

Bone china dish
Bone china dish
Bone china dish
Bone china dish
Bone china dish
Bone china dish
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